We have sold the Newman Gallery!

Almost to the day, it has been 18 awesome years of getting to know the wonderful people in our community as well as the visitors who find Prescott such a nice place to visit.

We could not have done it without our good friends Michele & Marvin Graham who where there from the very start and our employees Suzi Zerbe, Kelly Jensen & Grace Ashford who is also one of our best selling jewelers.

As luck would have it two very special people came into our lives and started work the same day, April 1st, 2005. Nancy Gardner and Jane Peterson have lit up the gallery with style, class and humor for over 14 years and kept things running through thick and thin. Without their friendship and loyalty we would not have been able to create this special place.

Al Gardner & Larry Peterson were also a huge part of the gallery whether it was painting walls, making displays, medical advice or bouncers for Acker Night, they were always ready to help.

Over the years we have represented so many fine artists and want to thank them all for providing beautiful work and for their talent.

Jim & Tracy DeMonte

are the new owners and their store will be called


24kt Customer Service

Same Phone Number (928)442-9167

We will miss our little spot on Whiskey Row and please know from deep down we thank you all.

We will stay in Prescott and hope to see you around. Safe Travels, good health
and buy some art....

All the best, Dave & Donna