Art Guitars Built by Fender Custom Shop’s Chris Fleming and Greg Fessler. Art by Dave Newman

In addition to his work in the art mediums of retrospective collage art and paintings, artist Dave Newman creates the artwork for some of the custom art guitars and amps sold by the Fender Custom Shop, a division of Fender USA®. Working with Fender’s Chris Fleming and Greg Fessler, Dave is one of the featured artists creating unique Fender guitars that can be acquired by both well-known musicians and unknown but discerning collectors.

Some of Dave’s work for the Fender Custom Shop is featured on these pages. Dave approaches each guitar, case or amp as an individual piece of art, creating a one of a kind work of musical art that plays and performs like the incredible instruments that Fender® is known for. All guitars, amps and cases are painted with acrylic paint and collaged with Dave’s vintage and original graphics unless described otherwise. Dave has also been working on some hollow body Gretsch® and Jackson® guitars. Stay tuned! The selection of electric guitars and amps shown are Fender Stratocasters® and Fender Telecasters®.

These items cannot be ordered from Dave Newman but through Fender® guitar dealers throughout the USA. Many of these works may already be sold, so if you are interested in ordering an art guitar painted by Dave Newman, visit the Fender Dealer Finder or please Email Dave.

Dave Newman Studio

Phone: 928.830.0136