“I have worked with collage and painting for over twenty years. Most of my original collage work deals with road trips and the good ole Southwest. My acrylic painting themes span the spectrum of hearts, wild coffee cups, living room scenes, landscapes and flowers all with a slightly twisted and humorous slant.

Nothing makes me as happy as being able to work all day in my studio, listening to loud music and creating art.

“My work has been featured in Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, the coffee table book “Painters of Utah’s Canyons and Deserts”, Fender Guitar Calendars as well as on TV shows and in movies.”

Welcome to my studio! This is one of my favorite places to hang out and work on new pieces of art, surrounded by all the things that I love to collect. There are many radios, signs, metal, wood, postcards, and magazines and that’s just the top layer! My plywood floor provides the perfect place to drip, spill and mess up without getting into any trouble! I'm lucky to have great light, loud music and my collectibles around me.

R.I.P. Max

Studio Still Life

One of my many studio shrines

Prescott Studio 2017
Photo by Dennis Galloway